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swfdvd Get Smart Web Formula For FREENot long ago, I launched my most recent product, Smart Web Formula.

In a nutshell, it’s a product I created to teach people how to set up an effective, lead generating website, covering all the key components, split into step by step modules.

I cover keyword & competitor research, site structure, setup and installation, optimisation and analytics. Pretty much the “full monty” of traffic and lead generation.

When I released it a couple of months ago, it sold like crazy! Although, I knew there was demand, I underestimated the number of people both online and offline, who were desperate to learn about lead generation and traffic. Even people who had been online for many years had never got a grasp of the successful formula that Smart Web Formula teaches.  Continue reading…

SendReach.. A New Kind Of Auto Responder Platform

Screen Shot 2013 05 24 at 11.30.13 AM 300x184 SendReach.. A New Kind Of Auto Responder PlatformI have been testing auto responder platforms recently. For various reasons, I wasn’t happy with the ones I had been using and decided the time was right to investigate what is available.

For those unaware, an auto responder is one of the most important tools used in online marketing. It allows people to sign up to your list from a number of different avenues, such as an opt in form on a website, a tab on your Facebook page, even a QR code. Once this data is captured, you can then automate your auto responder service to communicate with your subscribers by way of sending them an email.

A typical scenario is as follows: A visitor lands on your website and discovers they can subscribe to your newsletter or that you are offering something of interest to them (this can be anything you like, anything you think your subscribers will find of value). In order to access the information, they enter their email address (and any other variable you set, such as name, telephone number etc). This data is sent to your auto responder service, where it is captured and added to a list that you have previously created. The auto responder then automatically sends them the information they have requested. Continue reading…

Effective Time Management For Home Business

home distractions

Working from home sounds ideal to most people. You are free to get up when you want, work when you want and indeed go to bed when you want. In-between, you can choose what to work on (or not as the case may be), who to answer the telephone to and basically be in control […]

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What to Look For When You Want to Hire Any SEO Services


Do you own a website? If you own a website, then you know how important it is to know how to advertise it. A website means nothing if it does not have traffic or cannot convert. If you have some search engine optimization knowledge, then you can optimize and advertise your site on your own. […]

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What Is A Web Blog Pt 2 – Make Money Blogging

make money blogging

In the last post, we looked at the question “What is a web blog” and covered some reasons why people write them. In this second part, I want to take things a little further and look at ways writing a blog can make direct income. It may seem a strange concept, especially from an outsiders […]

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What Is A Web Blog?

blogging for profit

I get asked all the time by clients “what is a web blog and why should I do it?” I must admit, that I too struggled with this one when I moved full time into the online space some many moons ago. I had heard about people making money from blogging and I just couldn’t […]

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Starien – An Unparalleled Marketing Platform

starien platform

If you are new to Online marketing, or indeed have been online for a while, but are still struggling to come to terms with the industry, this blog post will be very much of interest. Membership sites promising to teach people the intricacies of online marketing are not new. Some are fantastic  and really over deliver, whilst […]

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Google Nose – A Tradition Continued…

Google April Fool

For those that missed it, Google played their latest April Fools prank on us all yesterday, with the introduction of Google Nose. Below is the short video Google released on YouTube with Product Manager Jon Wooly, giving us the run-down. xx

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So You Think It’s Impossible? Think Again

make money with Empower

You do what? You make money online? How? You may think it’s impossible, but trust me, it’s REAL. How about some inspiration then if you think that? Watch the video below How 20yr Old Goes Zero to $30K in ONE Month?! Now tell me that hasn’t blown your socks off?

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Meet The Prosperity Team

Team Prosperity

If you are new to the Internet Marketing world, or even if you are thinking of getting involved, probably the MOST important question you want answered is “How is my sponsor or team, going to help me achieve success”. To be honest, the rest doesn’t really matter too much in the beginning. You just want […]

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