Google April Fool
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For those that missed it, Google played their latest April Fools prank on us all yesterday, with the introduction of Google Nose.

Below is the short video Google released on YouTube with Product Manager Jon Wooly, giving us the run-down.

xxObviously it was the latest in their long standing tradition of winding up the world population, but I do genuinely wonder how many people fell for it? I am betting (not that I am a betting man) that it was well into the millions.

Each year, Google release their annual April Fool, but as with everything they do, it is so well choreographed, that it becomes believable. Add to the fire the frightening advancements technology makes every 12 months and I can ‘almost’ make allowances for those who fell for it.

But Google didn’t stop there this year. They made an even bigger deal out of 1 April than usual. We also had Google Treasure, a humorous take on their standard maps product where users are given clues and hints to help “crack the code” that will ultimately unlock the treasure.

With Treasure, they really put in some serious time and effort, even including Street View of real places, such as Treasure Island in San Francisco, only in a sepia effect to simulate ‘times gone by’.You can find these places by zooming in and looking for the X on the map (quietly addictive)!

Google warns: ”Your system may not be able to display at higher resolutions than paper print.” then lists the Treasure Map as “beta technology” and claims the map once belonged to infamous pirate William “Captain” Kidd.

Continuing with its storyline, Google claims the map was recently discovered during an expedition in the Indian Ocean while the team was working on underwater Street View collection.


Google has been playing these jokes since 2000, but they they are not immune to injecting a little humour at other times of the year too. There have been numerous Easter eggs pop up here and there, not to mention hidden commands and strings dug deep into many of their products.

For example, if you go to Google Translate and paste “pv zk bschk” at the beginning of the string to be translated, the translator will be changed to a “beatbox” mode! And in Gmail, above the list of emails there is normally an ad, except in the spam folder, where there is instead a link to a recipe containing SPAM®. Also, if one visits trash, they get tips for recycling.

And who can forget the humour injected onto it’s search page. Try typing “do a barrel roll” or “anagram” into the search box and see what happens!

There are literally so many pranks that they have played over the years that It would take forever to list them all here. Fortunately  some kind persons over at Wikipedia have done just that

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