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If you are new to Online marketing, or indeed have been online for a while, but are still struggling to come to terms with the industry, this blog post will be very much of interest.

Membership sites promising to teach people the intricacies of online marketing are not new. Some are fantastic  and really over deliver, whilst others are less than adequate.

Certainly, one of the best is Chris Farrell’s Membership (CFM), which has not only taught thousands of people how to be successful online, but has also made Chris into a very well respected (and wealthy) marketer.

But from my experience, most of these online educational platforms don’t take things to the next level. In fairness, many of them don’t ever intend to, their aim is to teach the basics and get beginners (or newbies as they are affectionately known) up and running.

Starien Platform

And it is here that Starien comes into it’s own. Let me offer a little background.

Starien is the brainchild of Geoffrey Moffett, a well known and well respected online marketer from Northern Ireland. Admittedly, he is hard to understand, but otherwise a hugely approachable and likeable chap. His expertise is in Local Marketing and SEO, but like all successful entrepreneurs online, he has a raft of skills in other areas too, from app development to video and social media.

Starien has been in the planning for several years, but it was only in 2012 that major advances were made with the platform. And what has resulted is pretty special indeed.

Catering for marketers of all skill sets, there is an ever increasing array of video tutorials, backed up with live training and an impressive tools/resources library.

The curriculum itself, covers every aspect of Internet Marketing (see image below) and ranges from the basics, up-to expert

starien platform

For me, this is what set’s Starien apart. Once you have covered the basics, you can move onto more advanced levels and then onto serious ninja stuff. No matter what your knowledge and ability , your needs and education are catered for.

All the video resources have been professionally created, edited and voiced over. They are simple to follow and with an ever expanding 30+ hours  (more have been added since I took the screenshot above), there is something for everybody.

And the price?

Just a straightforward $37 a month. You can’t argue with that. A trip to Pizza Hut costs more.

However, Geoffrey has currently got an amazing trial offer running. Pay just $1 for 7 days – get a feel for the platform and if for some reason you don’t like it, simply cancel and you won’t be charged another cent.

I very much doubt that will happen however – Starien is worth every penny!

Starien – Where Learning Is A Group Effort


  1. Geoffrey recently did a little work for usand I was more than impressed with the results.

    I wish him all the luck with the Starien platform.

    • Hi Guy – yep, he’s a great bloke. I have a lot of time for Geoff. I am sure Starien will be a huge success. Thanks for stopping by


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