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So What is Squeeze Page Software?

Since Internet Marketing began, building a list has always been high on the list of priorities. Early adopters soon learned that the best way to do this was to create a simple squeeze page (also referred to as a landing page or capture page) to collect their opt ins.

Obviously, as the market developed, so did the nature of squeeze pages and in time came various bits of software, themes, plugins etc designed to make this process as effective as possible in terms of conversions.

I have been playing with quite a lot of squeeze page software recently. I currently have 5 or 6 projects on the go of differing natures and I have been setting up landing pages almost daily for the last couple of months. So I think that puts me in a pretty good position to offer some information as to what is around and what is really converting.

I should point out that this is a completely unbiased opinion (unusual in this industry I know!!), based on my experience. I have used many products that make great claims and some are indeed great. But these products below offer, I believe, the best in terms of functionality, flexibility and value.

It was the launch of Optimize Press back in 2010 where the game really started to change. Prior to this there had been numerous products of course, but it was Optimize Press that had everyone bouncing around with excitement. Sold as a WordPress theme, it was a one stop shop for landing pages, sales letters, membership sites and more. Utilising a clean but professional layout, it quickly became the goto choice for marketers. In fact, it was so popular, that it is still heavily used today in 2013, approaching 3 years after its initial launch.

And in a way – that has become part of the problem. So many people used it, that it seemed that every site you looked at was built on Optimize Press, at least within the industry.

There is a learning curve with OP, mainly because it has so many options, but it is still an amazing product and one I myself still use to this day, in fact, only late last year, I built my latest product on it.

But is there anything better? Well, in my opinion yes!

I actually have two. Both available as WordPress plugins rather than themes.

The first is Lead Rocket, a simple but highly effective squeeze page generator that allows literally anyone to throw up great looking capture pages in minutes. It is purely for creating squeeze pages, unlike the other two that have many more configurations, but it’s simplicity is also it’s brilliance.

Lead Rocket works on the ethos of less is more. With a simple background image, headline and opt in form, it’s testament to the fact that nothing else is needed, providing you get those three things right. I am testing it currently on my Empower business and it is actually delivering over a 40% opt in rate. Personally, I think this could be higher, if I were to ask for an email address only as my opt in (rather than name and email), but I like being able to personalise follow up emails.

Regardless, that’s a pretty good conversion rate!

But my favourite squeeze page software right now is Instabuilder. This is a product that has taken on board all Optimize Press has to offer, then made it far simpler to use, added extra features and combined it with amazing design. Offering a host of features such as delayed one time offers, viral download (where content is released based on the user sharing the content on social media), Facebook & Twitter integration, sharing and mobile redirection, it really is the next generation of products.

Of course, James Dyson (creator of Optimize Press) is a very clever and very talented marketer, so I am sure he probably has something in the pipeline.

But for now, Instabuilder is my tool of choice.


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