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swfdvd Get Smart Web Formula For FREENot long ago, I launched my most recent product, Smart Web Formula.

In a nutshell, it’s a product I created to teach people how to set up an effective, lead generating website, covering all the key components, split into step by step modules.

I cover keyword & competitor research, site structure, setup and installation, optimisation and analytics. Pretty much the “full monty” of traffic and lead generation.

When I released it a couple of months ago, it sold like crazy! Although, I knew there was demand, I underestimated the number of people both online and offline, who were desperate to learn about lead generation and traffic. Even people who had been online for many years had never got a grasp of the successful formula that Smart Web Formula teaches. 

Not only did I cover both the basics and intermediate stuff, but some pretty advanced areas too. I then backed it all up by giving all the important settings, to take full advantage of some pretty powerful plugins.

You could say, Smart Web Formula is a business in a box.

I priced it at $97, which included the product, plus the first month of membership to my Inner Sanctum. A place where I cover more advanced tactics, as well as providing Interviews with experts, software, checklists, mind maps, funnels.

You get the idea!

The feedback has been amazing. I have pages and pages of testimonials from happy customers who purchased Smart Web Formula, implemented it and are now having great success.

So no doubt you are possibly thinking “why on earth am I telling you this?”

Do  I want to sell more copies? Well, obviously, I am never going to say no to that question, but it’s not the reason I am blogging about it.

I have decided to give Smart Web Formula away for FREE to anyone that decides to work with me here: Join.Break-Free.Me

5 23 13 signups 300x201 Get Smart Web Formula For FREEYou see, my team is already crushing it. Prosperity Team is absolutely dominating the leaderboards and it’s all down to the amazing resources available to us. From sales funnels to capture pages, training, hangouts, social media channels and a heap more.

But we want to really take things up a notch and I include in that statement my own business.

So I am going to make Smart Web Formula available, completely on the house, to all team members who decide to work with us and join directly under me.

Time wasters and tyre kickers need not apply. We are on a mission and simply don’t have the time or energy to waste on anyone looking for a free ride.

It will be fun, it will come with an amazing amount of help and support, as long as you are prepared to put the effort in and learn what we teach.

Want to find out more? Go here:

Want to just get on with it? Go Here http://Join.Break-Free.Me

Let’s Do This….


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